For mehanoterapevticheskih procedures in postimmobilizatsionnom the period the pendular apparatus T-68 presented on fig. 19-20 is used.


19-20. Pendular mehanoterapsvtichssky apparatus T-68 for restoration dvizheyony in an ankle joint.

Immediately after the immobilisation termination mehanoterapija toyonizirujushchaja. Exercises it is begun in slow rate with small amplituyodoj and it is lead gradually up (for 1-2 procedures) till 30-40 fluctuations in a minute.

In the presence of a painful syndrome the first 2-3 procedures it is spent without gruyoza, we carry out easy kachatelnye movements (20-30 ) without rasping nasilstyovennyh redressments.

Duration of procedure it is gradually enlarged from 2 approaches for 3 minutes (in a break rest in position sitting 5 minutes) to 3 approaches for 10-15 minutes.

In the first part of procedure we establish the apparatus on a primary extension, and in the second - on an ankle joint flexion, Depending on individual shipping we apply loads from 1080 till 2160

In the regenerative period we enlarge intensity of movements, weight of loads and procedure time. Frequency of fluctuations of a cargo pendulum of the apparatus soyostavljaet on the average 50-60 in a minute. At augmentation of amplitude of movements in susyotave we are guided by subjective sensations of the patient (only minimum morbidity is admissible).

After achievement of sufficient volume of movements in talocrural and podtarannom joints for restoration of force of muscles of an extremity it is used block training apparatus with burdening or elastic resistance. BloYOkovyj the training apparatus with spring resistance is presented on fig. 21.

Fig. 21. A block training apparatus with spring resistance for restoration of force of muscles of an anticnemion.

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Scientific source Ivanov PETER VALENTINOVICH. OPTIMIZATION of TACTICS of SURGICAL TREATMENT And POSTOPERATIVE AFTERTREATMENT of PATIENTS With CALCANEUS FRACTURES. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences. Kazan -.

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