In the preoperative period propodim manual massage of a thorax for the purpose of preventive maintenance of a hypostatic pneumonia, and also massage of a back and tayozovoj areas with use of receptions of a stroking and grinding for proyofilaktiki decubituses.

In the early postoperative period since 3rd day after operation naznayochaem massage of is reflex-segmentary area of grudo-lumbar department poyozvonochnika with application of special receptions of segmentary massage: reception of "saw", "drilling", processing of interawned intervals sootvetstyovenno to segments L4-L5, L5-S1, S1-S2. We recommend also massage healthy koyonechnosti with use of all receptions of medical massage for reflex influence for the injured extremity. Massage is applied daily 2 times a day for 5 minutes. In the late postoperative period prodolzhitelyonost massage influence about 10 minutes are gradually enlarged, we spend nanosecond massage only healthy, but also on accessible sites damaged konechyonoe! And, excepting area of a knee joint.

In postimmobilizatsionnom the period is reflex - segmentary massage according to the specified segments and medical manuyoalnyj massage of the injured extremity with application of receptions poglazhiyovanija, grindings, petrissages and vibrations (a puncturatio, rublenie, pohlopyvanie, effleurage), excepting calcaneal area of foot is applied. Foot nayochinaem to mass from 10th day after the immobilisation termination. The concentric stroking, grinding, a stretching and skruyochivanie are thus applied. Massage is spent poslojno. Consistently we study a skin, a hypodermic fatty tissue, a muscular fascia and foot and anticnemion muscles. In the course of massage we stimulate muscles - extensors of foot and fingers, a long extensor of I finger and it is relaxed ikronozhnuju a muscle. On a course nayoznachaem to 15 procedures, repeated courses of massage it is spent with breaks meyozhdu them not less than 2 weeks.


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Scientific source Ivanov PETER VALENTINOVICH. OPTIMIZATION of TACTICS of SURGICAL TREATMENT And POSTOPERATIVE AFTERTREATMENT of PATIENTS With CALCANEUS FRACTURES. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences. Kazan -.

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