4.4.5. Vibratory therapy.

In immobilizatsionnom the period for the purpose of reflex stimulation kroyovoobrashchenija the injured extremity it is spent vibratory influence on kontrlateralnuju an extremity «the Device for sejsmoteraiii» (the Patent of the Russian Federation for the invention №2211018, the author - With.

V.Krivoshapko [75]) by the technique developed by us in detail described in chapter 3.

After consolidation of fracture by means of the same device we spend seismotherapy sessions. Essential difference of the given method from earlier izyovestnyh ways of vibratory therapy is giving steady mehayonicheskih the fluctuations focused along muscular fibers, to the distal segment of the extremity jointed with the amazed joint. Such napravleyonie vibrations occurrence kachatelnyh movements in a joint neyobolshoj provides the amplitudes, roughnesses of articulate surfaces promoting delection, rupture and a resorption of intraarticulate solderings. Frequency of vibration of 25 Hz, amplitude - 1,5 mm is used.

For restoration of function of an ankle joint and force of muscles travyomirovannoj extremities use the device as follows: the patient have on a high chair or a massage table so that knee susyotavy have appeared on the brink of a leg, knees are incurvated to an angle 100-110 °. By means of thongs with sticky fixatives of type "burdock" the device fix to a dorsum of foot of the amazed extremity.

After including of the vibrator the patient makes active sgibatelno - razgibatelnye movements in talocrural and pronatsionno-supinatsionnye movements in podtarannom joints, gradually increasing their amplitude to makyosimalno possible as it is shown on fig. 22-23. Occurrence of a strong pain of nanosecond is supposed. In 1-2 minutes to realisation of movements in a joint prilayogajut additional efforts the doctor or instructor LFK, or the patient. In the first days of treatment duration of a seismotherapy makes 2 minutes on one approach, a break between approaches not less than 5 minutes.

Use «Devices for a seismotherapy» for function restoration golenostopnoyogo a joint and force of muscles of the injured extremity.

For one session 2-3 approaches, and within day to 3 sessions are supposed. Within 5 days duration of a seismotherapy, depending on individuyoalnoj acceptabilities of procedure by the patient, enlarge till 3-5 minutes, makyosimum 10 minutes by one approach. The further augmentation of duration of vibratory influence leads to overfatigue of muscles of an extremity and their subsequent relaxation and is admissible only in the presence of the expressed muscular hypercone. The number of approaches during one session can be enlarged to 4-5.

The maximum therapeutic effect is reached in 9-15 days vozyodejstvija, the further gain of results is less notable. Duration of a course of vibratory therapy, on our observations, is not limited. perenoyosimost procedures by patients the good. What or complications in the course of use of the device for a seismotherapy us it is not taped.

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Scientific source Ivanov PETER VALENTINOVICH. OPTIMIZATION of TACTICS of SURGICAL TREATMENT And POSTOPERATIVE AFTERTREATMENT of PATIENTS With CALCANEUS FRACTURES. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences. Kazan -.

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