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Preventive antituberculous treatment to children, born from the women, the sick HIV-infections which were ill subsequently with a tuberculosis, has been spent to 31,1 % (to 64 children from 206). Practically all children (86,4 %) poyoluchali preventive treatment without the control from medical rayobotnikov in the out-patient conditions, mainly one protivotuberyokuleznym a preparation (68,8 %) within 3 months (96,8 %).

Preventive treatment every third of the diseased tuberkuyolezom received children, except for children of younger age - every fourth.

As a whole at children sick of a tuberculosis, sochetannym with a HIV-infection and without a HIV-infection (2 group), at carrying out of preventive treatment (a subgroup "And") disease was less often taped on appealability: in 26,9 % of cases against 56,6 % in the absence of preventive treatment (a subgroup) at children with a HIV-infection (х2=52,27; r

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Scientific source KLEVNO HOPE IVANOVNA. TUBERCULOSIS At CHILDREN, SICK HIV-INFECTIONS (prevalence, features of clinical implications, diagnostics, treatment, preventive maintenance). The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of medical sciences. Moscow - 2015. 2015

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