statistical methods of research

Statistical processing of results is executed with the help pakeyota applied programs BIOSTAT on personal computer PenYOtium — 4.

Average calculation was made for all received data arifyometicheskogo (), an average square-law deviation (s), errors of average arithmetic ().

Reliability of the received differences in compared groups is defined by means of nonparametric criteria God-send - Uitni, T-criterion Stjudenta, Fisher's T-criteria (for small groups) and qualitative criteria hi-square Pirsona and the Poppy-nimara (Cadets of Century I, Grigoriev Of this year, 2002; Petri A, Sebin K, 2003). Critical znacheyonie a significance value was accepted peer 5 % (r
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Scientific source BARHATOV Michael Valerevich. USE of the PROGRAM of the EARLY INTERVENTION In MEDICAL AFTERTREATMENT of CHILDREN With PERINATALNOJ the ENCEPHALOPATHY. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences. Krasnoyarsk -. 2007

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  1. 2.2. The organisation of epidemiological research (ISAAC) and tayobakokurenija among teenagers, a general characteristic of the surveyed groups of teenagers, clinico-functional and laboratory methods issledovayonija
  2. the Statistical analysis.
  3. the Maintenance
  4. 2.1. Research materials
  5. 2.2. Research methods
  7. statistical methods of research
  8. Chapter 2 Base, the program, a research technique
  9. research methods
  10. methods of the statistical analysis of results of research
  11. 2.3 Statistical methods of research
  12. Planning of medical experiment and statistical processing of results.