Problem urgency:

Diseases of nervous system at children and the restrictions of vital activity bound to this pathology, occupy one of leading places in nursery-case rate and physical inability structure [5, 9, 10, 13-21, 24, 25, 27, 93, 216, 223, 242-244].

According to various authors, the number of children born with perinatalnymi by lesions of a brain, fluctuates within 9 — 75 % from the general number - of newborns. Such variability of data is bound, first of all, to a various degree of quality of diagnostics of these conditions, with various approaches to an estimation experts normal and deviantnogo the status of the newborn and the child of early age. All it leads to late diagnostics of a lesion of nervous system at children [34, 35, 36, 68, 71].

Unfortunately, late made diagnosis conducts behind itself and later the treatment beginning, the delayed correctional actions for restoration of disturbances of functioning of an organism, and, as consequence, leads to restriction of vital activity of an individual [113-116, 118, 119].

With the development of the child having a lesion of nervous system, gravity of a condition is naturally enlarged. It speaks, first, restriction of "plastic" possibilities of nervous - system with the years the child, secondly, enlarged social demands to the individual and environment, thirdly, with a delay, formations of those skills which correspond to the given age, fourthly, with absence of the uniform and effective approach to regenerative treatment of children [134, 135, 151, 152, 172, 173, 174].

nesmotrja, on a significant amount of the works devoted to studying of various methods of medical aftertreatment of children with perinatalnymi by encephalopathies, the importance up to the end is not found out

The regenerative correction adapted for functional features of the child.

In this connection especially actual studying klinikoyonevrologicheskih features and rates of psychomotor and speech development of children who have transferred perinatalnoe a lesion of nervous system is represented, at use - in medical aftertreatment of various programs of regenerative correction.

One of directions and components of regenerative correction is the technique abilitatsii - «the program of an early intervention». The program is aimed at the early help to children having problems with development and their parents without application of medicamental preparations. Medical workers and experts of social and pedagogical services that helps more accurate understanding, problems at the child and realisation of a complex of the actions, called to "normalise" existence of the child and his family [127, 182, 183, 187, 193, 211 take part in the program, 212].

In conformity with it before research there was an object in view and research problems are formulated.

Research objective:

To estimate efficiency and to develop references on program application «an early intervention» in a complex of regenerative actions at children of the early age who has transferred perinatalnuju an encephalopathy.

Research problems:

1. To study features perinatalnogo the period at children suffering perinatalnoj by an encephalopathy.

2. To study features of clinic and a condition of mental development in children with perinatalnoj an encephalopathy in the regenerative period of disease.


To carry out the comparative analysis of dynamics of restoration of psychomotor functions at children of control group and the past a course of regenerative treatment with program application «the early

Interventions ».

4. To estimate efficiency of the spent rehabilitational actions with application of the program of an early intervention in katamnesticheskom observation.

5. To develop references ' on carrying out of regenerative treatment at children who have transferred perinatalnuju an encephalopathy.

Scientific novelty:

1. Risk factors are taped and their importance in disturbance of a functional condition of nervous system at children of the early age who has transferred perinatalnuju an encephalopathy in the conditions of large industrial centre is shown.

2. For the first time it is established, that degree of neurologic deficiency has no statistically significant dependence on degree of structural changes of the brain compatible to a life, taped with application nejrosonograficheskih researches.

3. For the first time dependence of outcomes perinatalnoj encephalopathies from the spent program of aftertreatment with application abilitatsionnoj techniques of "an early intervention» is studied.

4. For the first time results katamnesticheskogo observations over children receiving in a complex of regenerative treatment a technique are received

Early intervention.

The practical importance:

1. The importance of early diagnostics and the early beginning of carrying out of regenerative actions at children who have transferred perinatalnuju an encephalopathy is shown.

2. Necessity of the careful neurologic is established

Researches with application of modern additional techniques for-6
Specifications of degree of defect and working out of a complex of regenerative actions.

3. The expediency of a combination of rehabilitational programs with a developing technique abilitatsii «an early intervention» is shown. Advantage sochetannoj, the complex program of aftertreatment in comparison with traditional "medical" aftertreatment is shown.

4. It is shown, that introduction abilitatsionnoj programs of an early intervention in the children's centres and units of regenerative treatment allows to lower risk of development of an invalidism and to improve the forecast of disease at the child who has transferred perinatalnuju an encephalopathy.

5. Methodical references on timely diagnostics and early aftertreatment and abilitatsii at children who have transferred perinatalnuju an encephalopathy are offered for ' applications.

The positions which are taken out on protection:

1. The early beginning проведения* vosstanovitelnyh.meroprijaty, combining medical rehabilitational and abilitatsionnye techniques at children with perinatalnoj an encephalopathy, reduces risk of formation of a delay of psychomotor development.

2. Program application «an early intervention» at children with perinatalnoj an encephalopathy allows to reach more significant results of regenerative treatment.

3. Children who transferred perinatalnuju an encephalopathy and have finished rehabilitational actions with application abilitatsionnoj of the program of "an early intervention» in a catamnesis have more expressed and steady positive clinico-functional changes.

Introduction of results of research.

On dissertation materials methodical references are developed and introduced in the city Center of psihologo-pedagogical correction and in a number of out-patient departments of a city of Krasnoyarsk: «Regenerative correction

Children of early age with diseases of nervous system », methodical-7

The grant «the Gipoksicheski-ischemic encephalopathy:: treatment,

Regenerative correction impellent, disturbances ». Results of researches are used in a course of lectures« the Dispensary observation and aftertreatment of children who have transferred perinatalnoe lesion TSNS »for doctors FPK and 111 1C on chair of polyclinic pediatrics GOU VPO« Krasnoyarsk State medical academy M3:RF ».

Approbation of results of research.

Materials of scientific researches are reported and discussed: at total scientifically-practical conferences GU scientific research institute of medical problems of the North FROM the Russian Academy of Medical Science «Questions of conservation and development of health of the population of the North and Siberia» (Krasnoyarsk, 2002, 2003); at scientific conference: young scientists GU scientific research institute of medical problems of the North FROM the Russian Academy of Medical Science “Pressing questions of public health services of regions. Siberia” (Krasnoyarsk, 2003); at scientifically-practical conference «Pressing questions of pediatrics and children's surgery» (Krasnoyarsk, 2003); at total scientifically-practical conference GU scientific research institute of medical problems of the North FROM the Russian Academy of Medical Science: (Krasnoyarsk, 2004), at regional sessions of societies; children's doctors.


On a dissertation theme 13 works, from them 1 in the edition recommended VAK the Russian Federation are published.

Volume and dissertation structure.

The dissertation is stated on 135; pages of the typewritten text also consists of introduction, the review of the literature, the description - of materials; and methods of the research, three heads of own researches, the conclusion, conclusions, it is illustrated by 25 tables and 12 drawings.

The bibliographic index contains 248 names, from which 178 works of domestic and 70 works of foreign authors.

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Scientific source BARHATOV Michael Valerevich. USE of the PROGRAM of the EARLY INTERVENTION In MEDICAL AFTERTREATMENT of CHILDREN With PERINATALNOJ the ENCEPHALOPATHY. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences. Krasnoyarsk -. 2007

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