features of system of the general immunity and stimulirovannoj production IFN-y in group of healthy children

For studying of features of the immune answer in studied groups of our research, at the first stage the condition of system of immunity of children of group of the control has been analysed. The received results are presented in table 24.

Table 24

The biometric characteristic of immunologic indicators of healthy children

(DST), pg/ml
IgE obshch, ME/ML 85 54,4 7,1 15,0 5,0 150,0 50,0 35,0

The analysis of features of production IFN-y in group of healthy children has shown, that emission IFN-y in the test - system with DST in vitro practically coincides with level of spontaneous production, making, on the average, 8,8 8,9 pg/ml, but do not exceed 17,6 pg/ml (spontaneous 28,0 pg/ml). Emission IFN-y by cells of peripheric blood in the test - system with FGA reaches considerably the big sizes and makes, on the average, 953,0 pg/ml.

The multifactorial correlation analysis has shown, that production IFN-y in the test - system with FGA shows authentic correlation communications with CD4 + - lymphocytes and with production IFN-y in the test - system with DST (tab. 25).

Table 25

Correlation communications of immunologic indicators at healthy children

Thus, it is obvious, that at children of group of the control, emission IFN-y in the test - system with DST does not exceed indicators of spontaneous emission, in communication, with what further that is surveyed by us as zero (tab. 24).

Taking into consideration the literary data, testifying that antituberculous activity of system of immunity depends both on the quantitative maintenance of subpopulations of lymphocytes, and from a functional condition of those, we have aimed to investigate features of subpopulation structure of lymphocytes and stimulirovannoj production IFN-y at children with a tubercular infection. The obtained data on

To immunologic indicators in comparison to clinical data can be more informative from the point of view as diagnostics, and the forecast of a current of disease.

Formation of effective immunologic protection against a tuberculosis micobacterium is defined by interaction of the lymphocytes participating in realisation of is cellular-mediated immunity. The leading part in the control of the immune answer induced by micobacteria of a tuberculosis, belongs CD4+Т-лимфоцитам. CD4+Т-лимфоциты are main reguljatornye cells of the immune answer. On their activity depends both a direction of deployment of the immune answer, and its efficiency. The basic role at early stages of anti-infectious protection belongs to NK-cages. Especially, if infectious process has been induced by the agents having intracellular realisation. Especially it is shown when mechanisms of the specific immune answer were not generated yet. From the cells named natural killers, we had been studied value of CD 16 + T-limfotsitov. CDs 16 + T-limfotsity make the cytotoxic

Influence on the infected cells, not carrying out specific immune recognition of antigens of a target. Natural killers distinguish the compromised cells under the simplified scheme, the key moment in which is the termination of an expression of molecules HLA by I cell - by a target.

We had been studied the maintenance of subpopulations CD4 +, CD16+клеток as in percent, and absolute value.

In the course of the immune answer as protective reaction of an organism, the basic role belongs GZT, but a variety of clinical implications and possibilities of reaction of immune system at a tubercular infection, allows to assume and participation of reactions of immediate type. One of the cores
The indicators characterising allergic reactions, is IgE. In our research we have studied this indicator in groups and its value at an immunodiagnosis of a tubercular infection.

Antigen-specific an interferon induction - IFN-y, T-limfotsitami CD4+является one of key factors of immune protection at a tubercular infection. As a result of influence IFN-y on the infected cells, they become cells of immunity more accessible to attack and recognition by cells by killers. Besides, interferons raise activity of CD-16 of cells and these can explain positive influence of interferons at the infections accompanied intracellular persistirovaniem of the originator (Ignatov P. E, 2002). At IFN-y are especially expressed immunoreguljatornye effects. It is one of the basic cytokines of the cellular immune answer and an inhibitor humoral. In work we had been studied indicator IFN-y with FGA as an indicator of the general anti-infectious immunity, and, for the first time, we have spent its studying at influence Diaskintestj, and as an antigen used preparation Diaskintestj used for statement of dermal assays.


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Scientific source Ahmerova Tatyana Efimovna. IMMUNODIAGNOSIS OF DIFFERENT MANIFESTATIONS OF TUBERCULOSIS INFECTION IN CHILDREN. Thesis for the degree of candidate of medical sciences. SAMARA - 2014. 2014

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