an estimation komplajensa FBU-THERAPY and medicamental treatment.

Last years all big popularity at comparison of efficiency of various methods of treatment is got by definition komplajensa this or that kind of therapy. As the term compliance ("komplajens") understand the consent of the patient to follow a doctor's advice (Lenmann E.

D. et al., 1996). Unlike last years, today the big attention of doctors and psychologists is given hospitalism problems, and also mutual relations of the medical personnel and the patient, patients among themselves. Still ancient Greeks noticed, that treat medicines, how many attention, kind words and a doctor's advice not so much. Certainly, that the patients who are at a hospital stage of treatment, test larger psychological discomfort in comparison with the patients receiving therapy is out-patient. Occurrence of psychological discomfort influence set of various factors, leaders from which are: Change of a habitual way of life, absence of due level of a conditions of life of stay in a hospital, formalistichesko - paternalistichesky character of mutual relation of the medical personnel and patients, deliberately "state" interior of hospital, absence of due sound insulation between a manipuljatsionno-diagnostic and inhabited part of unit. One of the listed factors to eliminate easier, others it is more difficult. So, world, and after it and the domestic medicine has followed a way of sensible reduction of volumes of the stationary help to the population at the expense of its transfer in a regimen ambulansa by means of development at hospitals of the advisory-diagnostic centres and hospitals of day stay. In cases of hospitalisation stay of the patient in a hospital at the present stage try obosnovanno to minimise. Within the limits of admissible conditions SanPiNov an interior of units (including surgical profile) try to make, "house", by use of multi-coloured bed-clothes, pleasant shades in colouring of walls, reduction koechnosti chambers etc. Important good sound insulation between manipuljatsionnoyodiagnosticheskoj and "vein" parts of unit of a hospital under condition of their close locating is cosier also. Otherwise various sounds (works of technics, a voice of patients and doctors), inevitably arising in the course of functioning of a manipuljatsionno-diagnostic part of unit can cause in the patients who are in an "inhabited" part of unit, the psychological discomfort, the unpleasant experiences, unnecessary excitements, pavor, panic attacks with the subsequent refusal of treatment. The important role in acceptance by patients of various kinds of therapy is played by the minimum invasiveness and painlessness of procedure
(Manipulations), and also absence of the unpleasant sensations arising at the patient during time or after its performance. Especially it is actual in pediatrics, therefore at children the increasing number of various diagnostically-medical manipulations try to spend whenever possible distantsionno by means of as much as possible non-invasive techniques. As it was mentioned earlier, and defecations carry Fbu-therapy to non-invasive methods of treatment of disorders MI in regimen EMG. It is necessary to note, as medicamental treatment (at use tabletirovannyh it is considered forms of the medicinal preparations entered enterally) non-invasive way of treatment. However the relation of children with pathology MI and SNfTO to Fbu-therapy and medicamental treatment (to its acceptance or nonacceptance) practically is not studied.

Considering the above-stated, we estimated komplajens at 241 patients who received exclusively Fbu-therapy in regimen EMG, and at 580 children who were on medicamental treatment (from which 392 persons received pikamilon and group vitamins In, and 188 - M-holinolitiki in age dosages).

In spite of the fact that the Fbu-therapy course in regimen EMG has been interfaced to immediate participation of the patient in treatment, by strong-willed reduction of muscles of a perineum under individually picked up program, 234 children (97 %) with neugasaemym interest and aspiration to recover visited sessions. Thus only 7 persons (3 %) at the age from 11 till 18 years were engaged reluctantly, in larger degree by the moment of end of course of treatment. Children from 7 till 10 years among them were not. And at 7 children (4 boys and 3 girls), muscles of a perineum carrying out training reluctantly, clinical effect from Fbu-therapy "MIO" it was not observed.

Among 392 children receiving pikamilon and vitamins of group In in age dosages within 1 month, 121 persons (30,8 % *) at the age from 7 till 18 years openly refused the given kind of treatment referring on allergic implications (an eruption, an itch), a headache, discomfort in organs GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT, arising after a drug intake. At 62,8 % ** (76 children) from them complaints have been confirmed clinically and the preparation is excellent, and the remained 37,2 % of children - feigned semiology of intolerance of medicines of the given groups. We used the term open refusal of reception of medical products under which understood categorical unwillingness of the child to accept a medicine and active informing on it of the medical personnel. We also carried children at whom the intolerance of preparations of the given group has been taped or which feigned their intolerance to open refusal. We have opposed children of medical products which have openly refused reception to group of patients which, not involving attention to itself, ignored the treatment ordered to it, that is refused it some kind of "is closed". These (4,8 % #) applied 19 persons every possible behavioural mechanisms not to accept a medicine: were not on a post during distribution of medicines, repeatedly "casually" dropped on a floor ("lost") medicines, imitated reception of preparations, hiding them behind a cheek or under tongue with their subsequent excision from a mouth etc.

Among 188 patients receiving M-holinolitik okibutinin, the number of children openly refusing treatment has made 117 persons (62,2 % *), that is in 2 times more than among what accepted pikamilon and group vitamins In (*р

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Scientific source MIRONOV ANDREY ANATOLEVICH. the CLINICO-PSYCHOLOGICAL SUBSTANTIATION of APPLICATION of the METHOD of FUNCTIONAL BIOLOGICAL MANAGEMENT At CHILDREN With the EMICTION PATHOLOGY. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences. Moscow - 2014. 2014

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