dermal allergological assays in early diagnostics of a tuberculosis

The Mantoux reaction with 2ТЕ was estimated in 72 hours per mm. As negative assay considered absence of a papule and a hyperemia or presence only ukolochnoj reactions; doubtful - a papule of 2-4 mm.

Infected considered children with for the first time positive assay (a papule more than 5 mm, not bound to bacterination); with with firmness remaining size of a papule more than 12 mm; with sensitivity increase to a tuberculin on 6 mm and more within one year and with accruing sensitivity throughout three and more years. diaskintestjprovodilsja under №855 order "About modification of the appendix № 4 to the order № 109 Ministries of Health of Russia". In the appendix № 2 to the Instruction on application tuberkulinovyh assays it is registered, that assay with preparation Diaskintestj spend to the persons referred in

Antituberculous establishment.

Negative assay considers only presence ukolochnoj reactions; doubtful assay - a hyperemia without an infiltrate; positive assay - a papule of any size: slabopolozhitelnye - to 5 mm moderately expressed of 5-9 mm, expressed - 10 mm and more. Hyperergichesky assays - an infiltrate 15мм and more, and as vezikulo-nekroticheskie reactions.


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Scientific source Ahmerova Tatyana Efimovna. IMMUNODIAGNOSIS OF DIFFERENT MANIFESTATIONS OF TUBERCULOSIS INFECTION IN CHILDREN. Thesis for the degree of candidate of medical sciences. SAMARA - 2014. 2014

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