conducting a database and statistical processing of a material

The received results have been brought in a database in format Microsoft Excel from package Microsoft Office 2013 (Microsoft Corporation, USA).

Statistical processing of the received data was spent in a package of applied programs STATISTICA 6.0 (StatSoft Corporation, USA).

For the statistical analysis division of patients into groups on character of spent therapy, a clinical variant juvenilnogo a pseudorheumatism, anaemia severity level has been used.

Descriptive statisticans are presented in terms of average sizes and root-mean-square deviations, and also medians and interkvartilnogo an interval (25 and 75 kvartil) for continuous variables; kategorialnye variables are described in the form of absolute value and percent. For definition normalnosti distributions of variables in sample W-test Shapiro-Uilka was used.

For comparison of qualitative data in groups the standard criterion х2 Pirsona (Pearson Chi-square) was used.

For correlation definition between quantitative variables nonparametric method Spirmena (rs) with interpreting of results on Swinscow was used: r

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Scientific source EGOROV Andrey Sergeevich. THE GEPSIDIN-INTERLEUKIN-6 SYSTEM AS A FACTOR FOR MANAGING THE COURSE OF ANEMIA IN CHRONIC ARTHRITIS IN CHILDREN DISSERTATION for the degree of candidate of medical sciences. St. Petersburg - 2016. 2016

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