I. At teenagers it is long working for the computer without observance of hygienic norms of the organisation of "workplace" and the labour schedule in 99,5 % of cases the syndrome of information stress at which, depression of a free serotonin, antioxidatic activity and a strain oksidantnoj systems becomes perceptible develops.

2. Action of electromagnetic fields of different intensity in a combination with nervnopsihicheskim an overstrain and a hypokinesia (accompanying modern educational process) is powerful stressornym the agent and raises risk of development of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3. It is long operating on an organism of the teenager the psycho-emotional pressure factor on which the lowered adaptic ability immune sistesy accumulates, power supply and simpato-adrenal system, is independent, strongly operating with the stress-factor.

4. Stratification of intensity of immune system, systems adrenergicheskoj and

serotoninergicheskoj regulations and systems of power maintenance at a bronchial asthma (allergic stressornogo the agent) with a long overstrain of the central nervous system and a hypodynamia, conducts to aggravation of disturbance of activity of neuroendocrinal and immunologic systems and systems of power maintenance.

5. The basic mechanism of occurrence vegetonejrotsirkuljatornoj dystonias in the conditions of a hypokinesia is development disbalansa between inhibition and excitation, weakening brake and prevalence of exciting mechanisms in the higher departments of a brain. The most significant are shifts in level of a serotonin and a parity simpatoadrenalovoj to serotoninergicheskoj regulations, shifts in reguljatornom the mechanism of a cycle "activity-rest".

6. Activation of formation of active forms of oxygen under the influence of strong stressornogo conducts the agent to intensity of endothelial and simpato-adrenal systems, development disbalansa in the endothelial and latent insufficiency of system of antioxidatic protection, to activation of processes autookislenija adrenaline to cardiotoxic adrenohroma. The negative linear interrelation between level rising endotelina-1 and a parity [adrenaline] / [adrenohrom] is established.

7. At an acute respiratory virus infection in group of often ill teenagers

and children with disturbance of the immune status in the form of depression of a cellular link, disbalansa helpers and supressorov, oppressions of development IgA and hyperproductions IgM, and also depression of the maintenance secretory IgA in a saliva is combined with depression of a redox potential and the cytochrome-with maintenance in lymphocytes, shift of parity ATF/ADF towards dinucleotide. It is established, that between depression of the maintenance of cytochrome-with, redoks in potential NADF/NADFN and rising

immunoreguljatornogo an index exists negative plural koreljatsionnaja interrelation.

8. The mechanism reguljatornogo maintenances of functioning respiratory chains mitohodry, systems of antioxidatic protection and immune system is one of the basic targets of a lesion under influence stressornogo (allergic, inflammatory) the agent at teenagers. Rising of activity NaDfN-oksidazy, inducing augmentation of production of active forms of oxygen, conducts to disturbance of a homeostasis of immune system and apoptosis acceleration.

9. Intensity of the immunologic status is combined with maintenance depression in lymphocytes of the oxidised forms piridinovyh nucleotides, redox potential /< N (a marker dezadaptatsionnyh processes in power supply system) and NADF/NADFN (the marker of a plastic exchange), correlation disturbance between redox potential NADF/NADFN and maintenance IgE - occurs coordination weakening between metabolic system of lymphocytes and functional activity of immunely-competent cells.

10. Shifts in system of power maintenance under the influence of various stressornyh agents are closely interconnected with disturbances reguljatornyh nejrohimicheskih communications and strengthening advance mitohondrialnoj each other underlie insufficiency and formation nejrotsirkljatornyh disorders at teenagers.

11. Ekopatogennye factors, the basic intracellular myshenju which are

mitochondrions, raise risk of chronic diseases at teenagers. In this connection, for preventsii, we consider expedient including membranostabilizirujushchih, antioxidatic, blakirujushchih calcium canaliculuses preparations, to teenagers

it is long working for the computer with non-observance of hygienic norms.

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Scientific source INGA MAMUCHISHVILI. INTERRELATION STRESS-INDUCED of DISTURBANCES In nejrogumoralnoj to SYSTEM And SYSTEM of POWER SUPPLY At TEENAGERS. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of medical sciences. Tbilisi - 2006. 2006

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