1. In structure of functional disorders of a gastroenteric tract at children of the first half of the year of a life dominate sochetannye disturbances: infantile regurgitations in a combination to infantile intestinal gripes (at 66,1 %) are most frequent.

Functional disorders of a gastroenteric tract have different age dynamics. Infantile regurgitations are as much as possible expressed in the first 2 months of a life. Infantile intestinal gripes amplify by 3-4 months with the subsequent reduction. Functional constipations, on the contrary, accrue by 5-6 months.

2. Highly authentic differences on frequency of a pathology perinatalnogo the period at children with functional disorders zheludochnoyokishechnogo a tract are established: a pathology of pregnancy of mother (90,3 %), a delivery by cesarean sections (35,5 %), application of antibiotics in sorts (35,5 %), a prematurity (8,1 %), dokarmlivanie an admixture in maternity home (50 %) which can be surveyed as risk factors of development of functional disorders of a gastroenteric tract at early age.

3. Transitional laktaznaja insufficiency is the reason of symptoms at a part of children with functional disorders GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT. As clinically functional disorders in a combination with laktaznoj insufficiency and without it have the big similarity, an establishment of the reason of symptoms probably only after carrying out of special research. For children of the first months of a life the hydrogen respiratory test with a load lactose is optimum.

4. At all children of the first half of the year of a life with functional disorders of a gastroenteric tract as a part of an intestinal microflora the raised quantity of an is conditional-pathogenic microflora becomes perceptible. It can cause more expressed inflammation in an intestine that reflects the raised level kalprotektina in a feces.

5. Treatment of functional disorders of a gastroenteric tract should be spent taking into account available laktaznoj failures. At it
Detection at children on thoracal feeding appointment of enzyme of a lactase (in - galaktozidazy) effectively eliminates symptoms, and also disbioticheskie changes and inflammation signs in an intestine.

6. Probiotichesky strain L. reuteri, both as a part of admixture NAN the Comfort, and in drops, promotes elimination of symptoms of functional disorders of a gastroenteric tract, correction of disturbances of a microbiocenosis and elimination of signs of an inflammation in an intestine.

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Scientific source KUBALOVA Saida Sultanovna. CLINICAL VALUE LAKTAZNOJ of INSUFFICIENCY And MICROBIC DISTURBANCES AT FUNCTIONAL DISORDERS of the GASTROENTERIC TRACT At CHILDREN of EARLY AGE. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences. St.-Petersburg - 2014. 2014

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