1. The acute constipation is diagnosed authentically more often for children at the age from 4 to 6

Years, and its chronic form - in age group from 12 years also is more senior, thus at boys it is taped more often, than at girls irrespective of character of a current.

The most significant risk factors of formation of disease at an acute constipation are: an intestinal infection, parasitogenic diseases and an antibioticotherapia, disturbances

Intestine microbiocenosis, and at a chronic constipation - thoracal feeding less than 6 months, an accompanying pathology from digestion organs, the diet non-observance, the burdened neurologic status, an adverse situation in a family, the burdened obstetric anamnesis, congenital anomaly of a colon.

2. At children with an acute constipation complaints to abdominal pains mainly in paraumbilical and ileal areas, presence of pathological impurity (slime and blood) in a chair, a delay of a chair no more than 4 days, and at children with HZ - abdominal pains prevailed at a defecation, long natuzhivanie during a defecation and a chair of the big diameter, kalomazanie, symptoms of a chronic fecal intoxication. At children with a chronic constipation statistically the delay of a chair till 5 and more days is more often prevailed.

3. The most effective method of treatment of an acute constipation is the combination of basic treatment and the acupuncture spent by triple courses at the moment of an acute delay of a chair and at the further observation. Thus the choice of tactics of reflexotherapy depends on a clinical picture of disease and a prevalence of those or other clinical symptoms that defines influence by needles on points of an auricle and local points in the field of a stomach, located on a frontmedian meridian and meridians of kidneys, liens, a liver, a cholic bubble, a bladder and a stomach, and also use
Superficial acupuncture by means of the massage platen and segmentary massage of area of a stomach.

4. The comparative analysis of various complex approaches in treatment of a chronic constipation has shown authentic efficiency of a combination of basic therapy, igloreflekso - and physiotherapies, especially in the presence of the expressed painful syndrome and kalomazanija.

5. At katamnesticheskom observation it has been shown, that repeated courses acupuncture through 3 - 4 weeks and 6 months authentically reduce risk of formation of the chronic form of disease at children with an acute constipation and allow to raise efficiency of treatment of a chronic constipation with achievement of proof clinical remission of disease in the form of reduction of intervals between certificates of a defecation to 1 time a day, cupping of a painful syndrome and risk depression kalomazanija.

6. Presence of an acute constipation of any aetiology is the basis for the reference to the gastroenterologist for working out of tactics of an individual approach of its correction with obligatory use of acupuncture under dynamic observation of the expert. At a chronic constipation acupuncture including is justified at any stage of disease that allows to lower considerably it retsidivirovanie and development of complications.

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Scientific source IPATOV ANDREY ALEKSANDROVICH. EFFICIENCY of ACUPUNCTURE In COMPLEX TREATMENT of CHILDREN With the CONSTIPATION SYNDROME. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences. Moscow - 2014. 2014

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