1. Prevalence of a bronchial asthma at the teenagers living in a countryside of Transbaikalia, at the Buryat (5,3 %) and Russian (7,1 %) authentically does not differ (> 0,05). In structure of gravity of a bronchial asthma at podrostyokov easy forms of disease prevail.

At the Buryat with a bronchial asthma the allergic component of disease and above level of the general IgE is more expressed.

2. The bronchial asthma among smoking teenagers meets larger frequency, than at non-smoking (52,9 % against 42,6 %; r A) *GG - NOS3 (VNTR) *5/4.

7. At the Buryat without dependence from a floor markers of the raised risk razviyotija a bronchial asthma is the carriage allelja T and homozygous geyonotipa a polymorphism TT rs7216389 gene GSDMB; at girls the Buryat - nosiyotelstvo allelja 4 and genotypes 4/4 or 4/5 genes NOS3 (VNTR) and allelja And gene TNFA (-308G> A). At Russian without dependence from a floor markers of the raised risk of development of a bronchial asthma is the carriage homozygous geyonotipa GG polymorphism rs16969968 gene CHRNA5. At Russian girls - noyositelstvo genotypes 4/4 or 4/5 genes NOS3 (VNTR) and homozygous genotiyopa a polymorphism TT rs7216389 gene GSDMB, at Russian young men - nositelyostvo the genotypes containing short alleles tandemnyh of repetitions, gene NOS2A (CCTTT) n (SS or SL) and allelja G rs16969968 gene CHRNA5. GenderYOnye differences also are taped at construction of models intergene vzaimoyodejstvy, contributing to development of a bronchial asthma: Girls the Buryat highly significant had genes GSDMB (rs7216389), GSDMB (rs2305480), ADRB2 (Arg16Gly) and CHRNA5 (rs16969968); at Russian young men - THOI (STR) and CHRNA5 (rs16969968); at Russian girls - FCER2 (T2206C) and CHRNA5 (rs16969968).

8. The genetic predisposition structure at formation of a bronchial asthma differs at smoking and non-smoking a little. MarkeYOrami the raised risk of disease is at smoking a carriage genoyotipov 4/4 or 4/5 genes NOS3 (VNTR), genotypes GG or CG gene ADRB2 (Gln27Glu); at non-smoking - a carriage of genotype CC of gene ADRB2 (Gln27Glu), allelja G and genotype G/G of gene CHRNA5 (rs16969968), alleles and genotypes, soyoderzhashchih short repetitions with number 6-9, gene TH0I (STR). A carriage alyolelja T and homozygous genotype T/T of polymorphism rs7216389 GSDMBявляет­ся a risk factor of formation of a bronchial asthma as at smokers, and non-smoking.

9. At formation of a bronchial asthma are defined significant a gene - sredovye interactions for locuses of genes GSDMB (rs7216389), ADRB (Gln27Glu), NOS2А (CCTTT) n, NOS3 (VNTR) and TH0I (STR) at smokers; and GSDMB (rs7216389), GSDMB (rs2305480), CHRNA5 (rs16969968), ADRB (Gln27Glu) and ADRB (Arg16Gly) - at non-smoking. At smoking risk of formation of a bronchial asthma it has appeared above on 8 combinations of didymous genotypes (otyonoshenie relative risks =1,4-2,7). At the analysis of didymous combinations geyonotipov in multilokusnyh models at smokers it is defined high geneticheyosky attributive risk and the contribution of a tobacco smoking to development bronchial astyomy.

10. Efficiency of including in a complex of aftertreatment at podyorostkov with a bronchial asthma, especially at smoking, modern mukoregu - ljatorov and natural antagonists lejkotrienov is proved. At realisation an - tismokingovyh actions it is proved tselesoobranost attention concentrations, mainly, on educational programs and education of a healthy way of life.

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Scientific source BATOZHARGALOVA BAIRMA TSYDENDAMBAEVNA. CLINICO-EPIDEMIOLOGICAL, GENETIC And ETHNIC FEATURES of the BRONCHIAL ASTHMA At TEENAGERS of Transbaikalia. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of medical sciences. Moscow - 2013. 2013

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