a clinical picture of a constipation at children

The clinical picture of a constipation at children has a number of features. Two groups of clinical implications of constipations allocate: intestinal (local) and abenteric (general).

Most often from intestinal implications of constipations children of early age have urezhenie a chair, difficulty of the certificate of a defecation with long natuzhivaniem, feeling incomplete oporozhnenija an intestine, inspissation of fecal masses and change of their form (firm, fragmentirovannyj, the big diameter of the fecal cylinder), a feces incontience, a painful defecation. Occurrence of an abdominal syndrome in the child with constipations demands the differentiated approach. As a rule, at abdominal pain constipations have paroxysmal or having character on a course of the left departments of the colon arising at a delay of a chair. The chair long absence can be accompanied by pains in the field of an anus owing to pressure of excrements upon sacral nervous roots. Also the pain can be localised in the field of a fundament during a defecation and demands an exception of a crack of the proctal channel, a reactive inflammation of an intestine (a proctitis, a proctosigmoiditis). According to various authors, at 68 - 80 % of children with chronic constipations meet the syndrome of an endogenous intoxication caused by processes of rotting in an intestine, formation thus toxins and organic acids (indol, a skatole, etc.) which are soaked up from an intestine and cause delicacy, appetite depression, a nausea, depression of rates of physical and mental development. As can become perceptible: intensifying of vegetative dysfunctions, development of depressions, disbioticheskie
Disturbances, immune dysfunctions, persistirovanie allergic diseases and pustulous lesions of a skin [33].

On a current the constipation can be parted on acute and chronic (more than 3 months).

The current of constipations can be parted on 3 stages:

1. The compensated stage - frequency of a chair makes 1 time in 2 - 3 days, the feeling incomplete oporozhnenija an intestine, a meteorism is characteristic.

2. The subcompensated stage - a delay of a chair from 3 till 5 days, is not present an independent chair, the defecation occurs after reception of purgative preparations or cleansing enemas. Often disturb abdominal pains, the meteorism, a painful defecation becomes perceptible, there are abenteric implications of constipations.

3. Dekompensirovannaja a stage - the independent chair is not present, its delay can reach 10 and more days, and is accompanied by abdominal pains, a meteorism, an intoxication, and oporozhnenie is possible only at use of hypertensive or siphon clysters. At a stomach palpation it is possible to define "fecal stones". The feces incontience develops, the expressed signs of a fecal intoxication become perceptible.


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Scientific source IPATOV ANDREY ALEKSANDROVICH. EFFICIENCY of ACUPUNCTURE In COMPLEX TREATMENT of CHILDREN With the CONSTIPATION SYNDROME. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences. Moscow - 2014. 2014

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