Chinese Clinical Guidance for COVID-19 Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment (7th edition) (published by China National Health Commission on March 4,2020). 2020

Since December 2019, a novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has appeared in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. With the spread of the epidemic, other cities in China and many countries abroad have also found such cases. As an acute respiratory infectious disease, the disease has been included in the Class B infectious diseases stipulated in the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, and is managed as a Class A infectious disease. Through the adoption of a series of preventive control and medical treatment measures, the upward trend of the epidemic situation in China has been contained to a certain extent. The epidemic situation in most provinces has eased, but the number of outbreaks abroad is on the rise. With the deepen understanding of the clinical manifestations, pathological features of this disease and the accumulation of experience in diagnosis and treatment, in order to further strengthen the early diagnosis and early treatment of the disease, improve the cure rate, reduce the mortality rate, and avoid in-hospital infection, and alert for the disease transmission caused by overseas input cases, we revised the previous clinical guidance to form this 7th version.

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