it has preliminary been spent mikrokristallografija admixtures dentin - germetizirujushchej liquids on purpose to prove a choice of an exposition of influence of laser radiation on DGL for treatment of patients with caries of a dentine of a teeth a method of deep fluorination of a dentine.

Preparations of two series have been for this purpose prepared: control and skilled. An admixture dentin-germetizirujushchej liquids placed on subject glasses in volume of 0,05 ml.

In skilled 6 series influence on DGL nizkointensivnym by laser radiation with a various exposition of influence - was spent 10, 15, 30, 40, 50, 60 seconds, preparations were dried up at a room temperature. Each exposition was spent with fivefold reproduction. Then preparations were compared to the control where activations dentin-germetizirujushchej liquids it was not spent.

mikrokristallografija preparations it was spent by means of a method of light microscopy on microscope ΜΑΘ-15, XS-90, Zeiss at augmentation 200.

For work apparatus APT «the Smile 01», generating continuous laser radiation from a long wave 0,64 microns was used at power 15μΒς on an exit (the Drawing 1).

the Drawing 1 - Apparatus APT «the Smile 01»


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Scientific source KOVALEVA MARIA SERGEEVNA. Clinico-morphological research of a condition of tissues of a tooth at treatment of caries of a dentine with application of deep fluorination and nizkointensivnogo laser radiation. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences. Great Novgorod - & 2014. 2014

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